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School project for orphans - Benin | Permanent help

Again and again in life you meet people who achieve great things. People for charity is of great importance. ​


We also got to know Father Ahokou Franck Prudence as a temporary priest in Altstätten (SG) Switzerland. He grew up in the Benin region and is very actively concerned about his homeland. He told us about the problems in the school system in his country.

Among other things, he started a school project in Bénin, in the diocese of Porto Novo, in the village of Gbéko, that spec. Offers orphans the opportunity to complete their school education up to the Abitur. Without this support they have no future, often not even the prospect of a simple job. For these young children, such a basic education is vital that they also have a future of work, income, family, etc.

We at Charity Foundation by Jesus have decided to help finance this basic school education for 30 orphans. In addition, an orphanage is to be built for these children so that they can live on site and do not have to walk the long distances to school every day.

Father Franck has very good local connections and employs a trusted team that works on a voluntary basis. This ensures that the funds are used and distributed correctly, partly by his sister or young priests who organize everything on site. Father Franck visits his homeland once or twice a year to oversee and organize everything. We from our foundation will also visit the school at the beginning of 2023 in order to possibly start further projects for the school education of children.


Father Ahokou Franck Prudence grew up in the Benin region and has been a priest in Cologne for 11 years thanks to a promotion program as a young priest in the Catholic Church. ​


For several years he has been a temporary priest in the parish of Altstätten SG in Switzerland during the summer holidays. He appreciates this area very much and would like to expand his experience as a priest in this region.

With your donations you are welcome to make a contribution here to guarantee school education for even more children and to contribute to sustainable development. In order to support a child moderately well, 1€ per day would be necessary. For an orphan, this is good support for school, food, medical examinations and medication, as well as Christmas bonuses and birthdays. Thanks in advance.

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