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Various projects

Again and again, people come through financial difficulties caused by unfortunate circumstances or heavy blows of fate and sometimes even with social assistance no longer make ends meet. Whether due to accidents or serious illnesses, this in no way facilitates the living conditions of those affected. Overload, psychological problems and social decline are usually the result of such destinies. In most cases, the circumstances last for years and require great financial and long-term support, therefore these people are in urgent need of help from third parties.
Every little donation makes it easier for those affected and loved ones to relieve the circumstances and let them breathe for a brief moment.

That is precisely why we want to give our support to those affected in order to make their life easier:


- We cover the costs of travel services, if they can not be paid for doctor visits themselves

- We help single mothers who can no longer bear the bills of the sick children

- We support committed women in third world countries who become self-employed in order to build a secure future for themselves

- We fund therapies to give new hope to adults or children

- We cover the costs of an operation in third world countries if the financial means are insufficient for health insurance

- We pay school fees for children in order to lay the foundation for their future life

- We support the reconstruction in Beirut

- We cover the costs for teachers' wages so that children from the poorest countries have the opportunity to go to school

- We support charitable organizations that stand up for those in need in Switzerland and whose help arrives 100%


Thank you notes from several projects:

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