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Children's Home Thailand | Permanent help


The Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation is an organization that was founded in 2004 after the massive tsunami. The children's village offers the necessary support for children in need until they can take care of themselves. A total of 90 kids in different ages live in 12 bungalows. At the beginning, the children's village was supported by the government, but since 2005 the organizers have to run the home on their own.

We have decided to help the children's village on a permanent basis through individual projects whenever needed. So far we have renovated the main house with our funds and donated bicycles with a shelter. Since food, clothing, education and other donations are always needed, please feel free to contact us and we will help together!

Children's Home Thailand | Realized Projects


Here you can find out which projects we were already able to realize with your donations. At this point again a big thank you!

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