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Apprentice Project Zimbabwe

Father Hugo Dietsche from Kriessern (St.Gallen Rheintal) has been working at Mission Bethlehem in Zimbabwe for more than 50 years.
Currently, a new training center is being built to train young people in various craft trades.
Around 60% of young people in Africa are denied equal opportunity education for reasons of poverty, unequal gender roles or lack of education and skills. Inevitably, this leads to homelessness, famine and social injustice. With the help of self-help, the center offers the often hopeless young people the opportunity to build a future with new perspectives.

With our support, we want to give these young people a sustainable future and protect them from unemployment.
Since the government does not provide any financial resources for such projects, the apprentices are in urgent need of outside help.

Thank you notes from Hugo Dietsche

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