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Construction of a restaurant - Ecuador | Permanent help

Martina B., a young woman from the Allgäu has lost her heart to Ecuador after a vacation trip. Enthusiastic about the infinitely warmhearted and loving nature, she has learned to love the people and the country. For many years now she has been supporting the jungle village in Ecuador not only financially, but also with personal engagement on the spot.

Their latest project, the construction of a restaurant, is intended to create jobs and thus to secure the basic needs of a whole family. The residents of Kamak Maki can also use their own planted food in the Restaurant.


"Even if the people there have little, they give you everything they have!"


"With its 4 different worlds, the country of Ecuador fascinates me every time:


the snowy Andes

the mysterious rainforest

the sandy beaches of the coast

the fascinating wildlife on Galapagos

To implement this project, Martina relies on active support and donations. All donations go 100% to the direct implementation of the project. Administrative effort is carried out voluntarily by herself. Also in 2019 she will fly back to Ecuador to actively participate. The costs for the use are borne by Martina herself. We also decided to support Martina if she pursued her goals of "combining her holiday with social work and supporting people who are not as good as we are in Germany".

Already implemented projects in Ecuador


Here you can see which projects Martina B. have already realized with their donations. At this point again a thank you to all contributors and donors!

children's playground 2016
water pump 2017
signage for the museum 2017
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