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Construction of an ecological education center - Kenya | Permanent assistance


The project was launched by the organization "Give2Get " after the three long-time friends Michael, Matthias and Anya launched a successful donation appeal for a children's home in South Africa for the first time in 2015.


Now they want to build an ecological education centre together with the partner organisation in Kenya Walking with Maasai.

The partner organisation places a strong focus on sustainability. The careful use of nature, the preservation of natural resources and a respectful coexistence between humans and animals are among their core points. Unfortunately, major problems and grievances are evident again and again in various environmentally relevant topics. A large part of the existing problems are due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the local population. Through an ecological education centre, children and young people are to be taught about nature-related topics, to inspire their environment and to promote them in the sustainable use of resources.

What is the problem

Various grievances destroy nature and the ecosystem in the longer term.

  • deforestation in the region: This affects the water cycle and increases erosion. The increasing water scarcity is thus accelerated, ignorant of the local

      population. In addition, deforestation releases CO2 and important habitats of the animals are lost.

  • Poaching and eradication of animals: The absence of animals with key functions in the ecosystem disturbed the balance of nature.

  • Overgrazing: When farm animals can claim a pasture more than it can regenerate, profitability decreases steadily.

These are just some of the challenges Walking with Maasai is grappling with. But how can sustainable change be created? A large part of the existing problems are due to a lack of education.


Why should you stand up against deforestation if you don't know what role trees play in an ecosystem? Why should you stand up for the conservation of wild animals in the region if you do not know their influence in nature and do not know that they are under threat? Why is grazing land dwindling and what can be done about it? Children and adolescents need to be trained in the field of ecosystem conservation, careful use of nature and ensuring natural resources.

How can we help?

The aim of the construction of an ecological education centre is to provide the next generation of Maasai children with the necessary understanding of a sustainable environment. They should be inspired for their nature and promoted in the sustainable use of resources. In the educational center, environmental topics are to be conveyed with the help of modern infrastructure, which means in concrete terms: There will be the first library and the only museum within a radius of at least 4 hours drive. There will be a training room where students will be taught by experienced field guides and where there is an opportunity to watch animal documentaries. The educational center is intended to serve as the starting point and destination of a nature teaching trail. Important topics are to be conveyed in a very practical way at various stations. The educational centre is built with a sustainable design. Thanks to its flexible shape, the building is used to become nature with regard to existing plants.

Further information is also available directly on the website

To implement this project, the organization relied on active support and donations. All donations went 100% to the direct implementation of the project. The administrative burden was voluntarily taken over by the volunteers. Also in February 2019, they will fly back to Kenya to actively participate. The costs of the operation are borne by the participants themselves. We also decided to support the Give2Get organization over the long term by pursuing the goal of "serving people in adverse situations" and sharing the valuable experiences of a mission with you. Contact us and we will help together!

Update Construction of an education center


Unbelievable how it goes! The roof of the ecological education center is almost done!


The roof consists of almost 3 tons of recycled waste. The wood-like composite comes from Ecopost and is made from 100% recycled waste materials, a great thing.

Below are some impressions of the challenges and achievements over the past few months, with a small selection of images.

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Here you can find out which projects the organization Give2Get has already realized with your donations. At this point again a thank you to all contributors an donors!

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