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Our attitude

Everyone at the Charity Foundation by Jesus volunteers selflessly, according to Christian convictions and to the well-being of people in need.

Our team

We are a team that is aware of its social and Christian responsibilities. We all work voluntarily for the non-profit foundation and cover all administrative costs.

Your help

In addition to sponsoring financial resources, we are looking forward to have you by our side. We will be happy to assist you in implementing your support.

Christian intentions

Our intention is to help people who can not live their lives without help from others or who are in unsuccessful life situations. We support them selflessly.

Best support

We give help in various forms. Through on-the-spot action, humanity, spiritual support, advice and education. In times of necessity by material support.

The foundation members of the Charity Foundation by Jesus: Rouven Haltiner, Marcel Haltiner and Nicole Keller

Needy people

We want to help people who have to live suppressed or have been infringed. We help all people in poverty and where no Christian values ​​are conveyed.

Without deductions

All funds flow into the projects. Without any deductions. Exactly where they are needed! All administrative costs are covered by the foundation owners themselves.

Worldwide help

In addition to Switzerland, the foundation is active worldwide. We do not only aim at own projects, but also supports projects from recognized foundations.

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