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An eBike for david

David K. (born 1975), a down-to-earth and cheerful person, learned his dream job as a forest warden after completing his school education. When he suffered a bad work accident in 2009, his knee has been broken since then and the pain accompanies him every day. Despite his willingness to work, David can no longer be accepted into his profession due to a serious injury.

An everyday life without structure, without financial means, brought him more and more dissatisfaction and ultimately the loss of social contacts, a creeping process. Without any financial means or contact with the outside world, he increasingly lost the joy of existence.


Today, thanks to medical support, David is on a very good path and would like to reintegrate into society. One of the greatest wishes is the purchase of an eBike and has therefore sought our help.

With the eBike he would like to be mobile and get a little closer to his job again, even if it is only possible to a limited extent due to his ongoing health problems. 

With a lot of discipline and initiative, David made it out of the difficult time and we are very happy to be able to support him with his new bike.

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