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Water for a wohle village - Kenya| Permanent help


The project was initiated by the organization "Give2Get", after the three longtime friends Michael, Matthias and Anya started in 2015 for the first time a successful donation call for a children's home in South Africa.

Now they support a small village with about 500 inhabitants, located on the Oloololo hill. It offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Maasai Mara, but unfortunately the local village community is struggling with major problems after water sources have steadily declined in recent years. Some sources do not produce any water during the dry season, so the condition of the remaining sources has reached critical levels. There is an urgent need for action. Without help, the water supply of this village community can not remain secure for much longer.

What is the problem

Climate change in Kenya is clearly felt. At the same time, many Maasai village communities lack education. To counteract the decline in water, trees were cut down around the springs in many places, believing that the trees would otherwise drain the water. Unfortunately, this measure does the opposite. The root system of the trees acts like a sponge and raises the groundwater level. By cutting down, the water level has dropped even further. In addition, erosion has increased during the onset of rainfall, resulting in deposition of sediment in the springs. The drying up of the water sources is accelerated even further. The lack of forest land also has a negative effect on cloud formation, which leads to low rainfall. Because there is only one larger source, this is not only used as a source of drinking water, but also as animal cabinets and laundry. This leads to contamination of the drinking water.

How can we help?

As a short-term measure, the main water source is excavated and provided with a pump system. The water is then distributed via a water tank to three different locations (drinking water, washing place, animal feeders). This ensures that enough water is available again and the drinking water is not polluted. As a long-term measure, up to 1000 trees will be planted around the water sources so that the groundwater level can be raised again, less erosion takes place and the natural water cycle and thus cloud formation are promoted.

Further information is also available directly on the website

To implement this project, the organization relied on active support and donations. All donations went 100% to the direct implementation of the project. The administrative burden was voluntarily taken over by the volunteers. Also in February 2019, they will fly to Kenya again, to actively participate. The costs of the operation are borne by the participants themselves. We also decided to support the Give2Get organization over the long term when they pursue their goal "to serve people in unfavorable situations" and sharing the valuable experiences of a mission with you. Contact us and we will help together!

Update water project


Good news about the water project! After the heavy rains during the rainy season had paralyzed the project, it is now with all the bigger steps forward.


Construction of the water potions

The construction of the water trough could be started only after the heavy rains. It seems paradoxical, during the rainy season, the country is suffering from floods and after the rainy season, the drought is gaining the upper hand incredibly fast. Despite all the challenges, the construction of the potions has now been successfully completed.


What else has happened?

The moat is now about 1.5 meters lower. The amount of groundwater was still unsatisfactory.

The remaining works of this project are planned in various stages until the end of 2018. In January and February 2019 Give2Get's helpers will again be there with two teams and may even be able to plant the next batch of seedlings when they visit the project.


Below are some impressions of the challenges and achievements over the past few months, with a small selection of images. The pictures are from Balz Kubli. As a professional photographer, he not only helped with the project, but also voluntarily documented all work.

Implemented projects of the organization Give2Get


Here you can find out which projects the organization Give2Get has already realized with your donations. At this point again a thank you to all contributors an donors!

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