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"Don Bosco for the youth of the world" is a non-profit foundation that was founded in March 2013 and promotes the work of the Salesians of Don Bosco for the benefit of children and young people in need. The program focus is on education, infrastructure, respect and security - a lot is necessary for the life of young people to succeed.

The aim is to enable young people of both sexes and all ethnicities, nationalities and religions a better future.

You are committed to helping children and young people in need around the world. Among other things, they offer them school and vocational training places, scholarships, leisure programs and infrastructure projects. Tens of thousands of people use the offers of the Salesians every day and thus get a chance for a better future.

We are convinced of the help of Don Bosco's Salesians and have supported the foundation in various projects. U.a. with the reconstruction in Beirut, with Corona emergency aid projects and with the education of young people in India.

Reconstruction in Beirut - Lebanon

The people of Lebanon are facing an almost insurmountable challenge after two massive explosions struck Beirut. Over 150 people died, around 600 were injured and 3,000 lost their homes. In addition to the economic crisis and the effects of the corona pandemic, this small country is being shaken again. People especially children are traumatized and desperate.

The Salesians in Lebanon are helping the families most affected with concrete support in order to alleviate the long-term consequences and effects of the explosion as far as possible.

On the one hand, the families are supported with vouchers and amounts of money so that they can return to their usual everyday life and a safe environment as quickly as possible and earn their livelihood as well as possible. On the other hand, families should be financially relieved by paying the school fees for their children. Furthermore, they support customers and young people for a few days in their youth center.

corona emergency aid projects - wolrdwide

The Salesians live together with the poorest, have a community, know the place, recognized, very well networked and are immediately active in a crisis. They know where the need is greatest and are still present when the media has withdrawn. They are currently supporting 200 corona emergency aid projects worldwide. This will require over six million euros.

They work day and night in the poorest countries in the world to save lives. Because for the weakest and poorest, the situation is getting worse. For millions of people, the corona crisis and its consequences threaten to turn into a hunger crisis.

The Salesians and the Don Bosco Sisters mobilize auxiliaries, record and meet the need for preventive medical care, shelter, food, hygiene products and spiritual support. They do material, psychological and social reconstruction work.

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