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New construction of a health center - Ngascop Senegal

The association "Hand for Africa" ​​(HFA) was founded in 2002 and today is headed by the spouses Agnes and Kurt Benz. The goal is to work together against hunger, poverty, misery and social disadvantage. The members of the association and the association board work on an honorary basis, so that the incoming donation money flows completely into the support projects.

"Hand for Africa" ​​is a state-recognized, non-profit organization based in St. Gallen (statutes) and is politically and denominationally neutral. They pursue exclusively humanitarian and social goals and are particularly committed to the training of young people, because there is much to do in this area.

We have been supporting the organization since 2018 and support 20 children, which will ensure an education for the next few years.

This further project includes the construction of a new health center in the parish of Ngascop (Diourbel region, Bambey district, parish
Ngoye) including an outpatient clinic, maternity and bed ward as well as administration building with pharmacy, staff room and training room are planned, which should contribute to the implementation of Senegal's health policy. The health center is intended to provide all people with access to high-quality health care within an appropriate framework and with qualified staff.

The people in the parish lack the necessary infrastructure and medical care is precarious. In particular, there is no clinic or hospital. The over 50,000 residents of the region are required to undertake arduous journeys in order to go into makeshifts. There is currently insufficient medical care available to school children in the area. In the event of an emergency or illness, you have to cover many kilometers. Appropriate diagnostic and treatment materials are lacking in the few existing health care facilities. Structurally, some of the sites are in critical condition.

Much lives, especially those of pregnant women and their babies, can be saved if the appropriate infrastructure were available.

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