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Light for the world - Mozambique| Permanent help


In this project it was very important to us to respond to the request for help from the organization "Light for the World". People who live in blindness for years, although life can be changed with just 15 minutes of surgery.

Klara, an ophthalmologist with a doctorate who works for the organization, tells us that she does not let go of the beautiful and difficult impressions. Hope and hopelessness are so close together. Your local colleagues work tirelessly for people with eye disorders and blind people, in the eye clinics sponsored by the organization and also with operations in remote areas in order to reach particularly disadvantaged patients.

The organization relies on active support and donations to implement this project. All donations flow into the direct implementation of the project. We have also decided to support the organization "Light for the World" to give people the opportunity to see the world with different eyes.

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