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Mercy Ships - Africa

The Mercy Ships association was founded 40 years ago in Lausanne and operates the largest civil hospital ship in the world: the Afrika Mercy.

440 volunteers from many countries work on board as volunteer doctors, nursing or technical specialists.

They offer free medical services in the areas of surgery, hospital care and physiotherapy in Africa. At the same time, they are leading an education, training and mentoring program for local doctors and specialists. The courses offered represent a highly welcome, practice-related surgical training in the specific areas of anesthesia, accident assistance, obstetrics etc.!

Patients include children and adults with orthopedic malpositions, cleft palate, tumors, burns or gynecological problems for whom surgery is life-changing or even life-saving. In a period of just under a year, life-changing surgeries are planned for over 2,000 patients, over 8,000 patients are treated in a dental clinic on the shore, and holistic training is planned for hundreds of Senegalese medical professionals.

To implement this project, the helpers at Mercy Ships rely on active support and donations. We also decided to support the association and so 538 operations have already been carried out in Senegal. However, the patients are not numbers for the volunteers. They are faces, they are stories, they are unique people. The following pictures show the first patient in Senegal, the young Saliou (2).

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