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We are very pleased that you would like to help and here show you our current projects. Please let us know if there should be any questions.


In cooperation with Father Ahokou Franck Prudence, who is currently working as a temporary priest in Altstätten, we are financing the education of 30 orphans. Father Franck grew up in the Bénin region and is very active in caring for his homeland.


In another project, we would like to support a young woman who, with great heart and dedication, has launched a sustainable project in Ecuador. With the construction of a restaurant, she wants to create jobs and thus secure the basic needs of a whole Family.

After the enormous tsunami in 2014 the children's homes are permanently dependent on donations for elementary items such as food, clothing or repairs. Let us help!


The organization Give2Get launches a new project in Kenya in 2019 that aims to bring children and young people closer to dealing with the environment. With the construction of an education center, they should be enthusiastic about the environment and be promoted in the sustainable use of resources.

Our support in children's sponsoring is in the recommandation to specialized organizations we know. We can help you arrange the contact! See our previous godchildren!

Kinder Zahlen Lernen in der Schule

The association "Hand for Africa" ​​(HFA) founded in 2002 has brought together committed people who not only want to donate, but want to act. Their goal is to work together against hunger, poverty, misery and social disadvantage.


People who live their lives in darkness without ever having seen the light and beauty of the world - unimaginable for us, the reality for people in large parts of Africa! The organization "Light of the World" works hard for these people.

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