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The association "Hand for Africa" ​​(HFA) was founded in 2002 and today is headed by the spouses Agnes and Kurt Benz. The goal is to work together against hunger, poverty, misery and social disadvantage. The members of the association and the association board work on an honorary basis, so that the incoming donation money flows completely into the support projects.

"Hand for Africa" ​​is a state-recognized, non-profit organization based in St. Gallen (statutes) and is politically and denominationally neutral. They pursue exclusively humanitarian and social goals and are particularly committed to the training of young people, because there is much to do in this area.

What is the problem

Almost half of Senegal's 15 million inhabitants have to make a living on less than one euro a day. More than 2 million children (around 60%) can not attend school because the nearest schoolhouse is too far away or the school fees are prohibitive for their parents. Only with a good education, the children later have the opportunity to learn a profession and to provide for themselves and their

How can we help?

The association "Hand for Africa" ​​supports activities that sustainably contribute to the improvement of living conditions. At the center is the philosophy "help for self-help". Protection from the forces of nature, intact infrastructures and enough jobs create the conditions for people to stay in their villages and build their livelihoods.

You too can become a godfather and give the children in Senegal the opportunity to attend school and qualify for a later vocational training.

Further information is also available directly on the website

To implement this project, the organization relies on active support and donations. All donations are flowing 100% into the direct implementation of the project. Administrative effort is performed voluntarily by the members and the board. The costs of the operation are borne by the participants themselves. We too have decided to support the organization "Hand for Africa" ​​in the long term if they are pursuing their goals "to give young people a better foundation for the future".

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