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School project Benin Gbéko Island | Africa

Father Franck Ahkou is from Benin, West Africa. Benin ranks 150th in the world in terms of poverty, 80% are illiterate and only 2% of the population is over 60 years old. The country has a size of approx. 112,000 km² and around 12 million inhabitants.

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Father Franck has been a pastor in Leichlingen, Germany for 11 years. During the summer holidays he has been helping out in the parish of Altstätten SG for several years. He has been supporting and organizing a number of projects in his home country for many years.

Education is the most important thing for young people in Benin to get out of poverty. There are areas where there is no school at all because the people are so poor. Nobody cares about them either. An example is the island of Gbéko, where Father Franck was pastor for 2 years. At that time he lived in a room without electricity or running water, in this area everyone lives like that. For example, laundry is still washed in a river.

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Father Franck's room

Waschen am Fluss_edited.jpg

washing at the river

Leben am Fluss_edited.jpg

life on the river


These children have no future without education

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A school with 6 rooms on the island of Gbéko was started on a private basis years ago, but due to lack of money the construction never got any further than the shell.

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School room in the shell and concrete ceiling for another 3 rooms on the 2nd floor

Approx. 50,000 euros are still needed to complete the first 3 classrooms. For the 2nd floor with another 3 classrooms and the roof again approx. 60,000 euros. The problem on the island of Gbéko is that all the building materials first have to be brought to the island in small ships and then distributed to the construction site by motorbike, which makes everything more expensive.

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Bishop Aristide Gonsallo takes over the organization and control of the school construction on site on the island of Gbéko, so that all funds are used correctly and the construction is monitored over time. As soon as the first 50,000 euros have been raised, the first stage can begin with the completion of the first 3 classrooms. the catholic Bishops have a great deal of influence in Benin, can make a difference and are respected. They are also very religious and treat people in an exemplary and delicate manner.

Anyone who would like to support this project can pay into the accounts below with the note: School project Benin. 100% of the money goes to the project, without any fees! Everyone will also receive a donation receipt so that they can claim it for tax purposes. Thank you for your support!

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