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Purchase of new school desks | Cameroon

Mombo is one of the most marginalized rural communities in southwest Cameroon and belongs to the municipality of Bangem. The community has a population of 500 residents, most of whom are small farmers and live below the United Nations poverty index.

The rural community of Mombo is the only social institution that has a state primary school. This primary school is attended by approximately 130 children and is currently managed by the local community, as the state tends to abandon rural schools, particularly those in hard-to-reach rural communities. Unfortunately, the school's classrooms are very old and the boards are falling off.

With the construction of two new classrooms, the renovation of the existing classrooms and the purchase of new school desks, the children will continue to have the opportunity to attend school.

​The initiator of this project is the organization Center for Community Reformation and Development in Cameroon (CENCORDEC Cameroon), a community-led non-profit and non-political organization based in Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa. Since CENCORDEC Cameroon's inception in 2016, the organization has been leading the social and economic development of the rural community of Mombo through joint community initiatives.

You can also find further information directly on twitter

We have decided to support this organization and, as part of the renovation, made a donation for new school desks for the second time.
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