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We help people who don’t have an easy life or who have been forced to live under less than favourable living conditions. People who have been in emergency situations and cannot improve their life situation on their own.

Irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or belief we help wherever help is needed. Whether in the form of humanity, personal support, education, advice or donation. Here in Switzerland but also worldwide.

Our help comes in all forms of activities and donations. It is particularly important that you be confident that your donation will be used efficiently. All will be directed 100% for project use only. This is why we report on our projects on a regular basis.

We are Christians takeing their responsibility seriously. Community and mutual help should not get lost these days. We are volunteers that work out of conviction and are non-profit oriented. All administration costs are covered by the members of the board.

Let us show what we stand for, what we do and what our goals are!

Find out which open projects need our joint support!

Find all relevant information on donations and their use!

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